6 Steps Arrows Infographic PowerPoint Template

6 Steps Arrows Infographic PowerPoint Template

6 Steps Open Arrows Infographic Presentation Template:

To present with a modern and unique way is one of several ways to get your audience attention, and when you use a graphically awesome design is a plus point, because that with your charisma you will take their hearts, and with our unique open arrows presentation template you will take their eyes too, giving them a feeling of a modern, futuristic presenter. who knows where his words are going with each arrow, also he is showing - like how we connected the arrows in this presentation design - the connectivity of the thoughts in your mind in a firm and a smooth way.
This presentation template is made of six arrows and a hexagon that connects them together, every arrow is designed to keep one of your working steps, with a wide body that gives you enough space to put every single word that is needed to describe the step, and a colored end to break the monotony of the watching and preserve your audience attention to the end.
And the hexagon is there to put your project name in it with a brief description of what you are presenting, also we've put a selection around the project title name to make it the first thing that your audience will see, and to ease the name remembering operation for their minds.
We've also used mellow colors to keep the elegance of the design and to prevent the tiredness of the audience eyes.
Showing heavy building strength, this template is great for presentations on business, products, and services. Like, sales campaigns, CRM proposals and other similar projects that require a continued shape. On the other hand, non-business users can also utilize this template. They have the option to adapt the framework to any 6-steps process.
So your presentation information are ready? Click Above and download this template now, and don't forget to check for other designs that will ease your life on our Website.

Key Features and Additional Information:

- Aspect Ratio (16:9).

- Free fonts and icons.

- Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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