20+ Best PowerPoint Business Infographics for PPT presentations 2020

20+ Best PowerPoint Business Infographics for PPT presentations 2020

We all know that the pictorial representation of something makes the concept clearer to the viewer. Keeping it in mind, PowerPoint introduced the option of Infographics. Infographics are the advanced and fantastic tool offered by PowerPoint to its users so that they can convey the concept of your content. Infographics have minor texts and consist of numbers and graphics which throw an idea of a chart or a diagram. Creating Infographics can be challenging for you if you are not a professional designer. But, PowerPoint has made it a lot easier for you to create the artistically amazing Infographics even if you do not have any designers’ skills. PowerPoint made it possible by providing the readymade templates for Infographics so that you can easily select the pattern to go with. These editable templates make your work much more comfortable by giving you a great idea of how you should design your Infographics for your presentations.

It is probably the best thing about PowerPoint Infographics that you don’t have to worry about getting any skills in creating Infographics; still, you can make your office or business presentations eye-capturing. The amazing PPT slides designs can make your business presentation making a lot effortless. You can quickly edit the pre-designed templates of Infographics according to your data and labels. What could be better than having a fast presentation creator in hand at which you can make the highly professional business presentations to grab your crowds’ attention?

PowerPoint has revolutionized the process of creating a business presentation, and now you can easily create the desired presentations in a few minutes. You don’t have to spend your nights in making eye capturing presentation for your work. Gone are the days when you had to struggle a lot to create the qualifying presentations for your projects and business deals. But PowerPoint has resolved the issue for many of us, and now we can create fantastic presentations that will loot the hearts of the business partner. If you make presentations with PowerPoint pre-designed Infographics templates, we can guarantee that you will surely be successful in the meeting.

Another benefit of using PowerPoint Infographics is that you can have an extensive range of Infographics templates that will help you design your business presentations so that you can get rid of monotonous presentations styles that go boring after a little while. Let’s discuss some of the Infographics that you can use for your business presentations to makes them look perfect and professional.




1. 8 Segments Light Bulb Puzzle Diagram PowerPoint Infographics:

It is probably the best advanced and powerful Infographics template that you can use to make your business presentation look attractive and unusual. 8 Segments Light Bulb Puzzle Diagram is a realistic template that makes your presentations look more than professional. This template is not an overrated template that will make your presentation look boring. 8 Segments Light Bulb Puzzle Diagram is available in two aspects ratio, including 4:3 and 16:9. The best thing about this template is that you can enjoy different free fonts and icons. 8 Segments Light Bulb Puzzle Diagram is available in two versions also, which are keynote version and Google slide version. You can choose one that suits you the best!



2. Five steps business concept diagram:

Moving on to another PowerPoint Infographics template, we have five steps business concept diagram for dark PowerPoint templates. If you want to show a new business idea or convey the concept of a work process, then you can use it for your presentation. It is quite simple to use and have many features to your presentation solutions.



3. Swot Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Designs:

A handsome addition to the Infographics family is Swot Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Designs. The best thing about it is that you can enjoy an extensive range of slides along with this slide at the same prices. To improve the colour attraction, 90 colour themes are added in the design, and guess what? You can now enjoy 5500+ editable icons!



4. Parallel timeline PowerPoint design:

Let’s talk about another PowerPoint Infographics template that can help you improve the outlook of your presentation. This easily editable slide design helps you show the parallel timeline in your project. For example, you can show the yearly growth of your business or a specific process through this design. If you want to impress your audience with your business or project growth, you can use this template design to tell them how much your business has grown in some years. You can also enjoy ten readymade templates in this design that you can use to create attractive presentations.



5. Planning timeline PowerPoint arrow Infographics:

Another timeline design that you can enjoy in PowerPoint Infographics is the planning timeline design. It contains five steps to show the ultimate progress of the project. You can also convey some steps to follow in your project. You can edit, add or delete the steps in this Infographics design.



6. Comparison timeline PowerPoint Infographics:

We know that comparison is essential in business, and you also have to make a fair comparison of your business or project with others in the market. To ease the process of adding contrast in your project, PowerPoint introduced comparison timeline design in the Infographics. You can compare your project with others on a monthly, yearly or daily basis. This design is also easily editable so that you can add, delete or edit the eight steps of this template to best fit your presentation data. You can enjoy this fantastic slide along with 2300 additional Infographics slides to quality your presentation at the same price.



7. Alpha and beta timeline PowerPoint Infographics:

Another handsome addition to the PowerPoint Infographics template is the Alpha and beta timeline PowerPoint Infographics. Do you know what the best thing about alpha and beta timeline PowerPoint Infographics is? It has all the features that are the basic requirements of your current business needs. If you want an Infographics template that can fulfil all the essentials in your presentation, then you must give it a try.



8. Test marketing PowerPoint Infographics:

A fantastic and easily modifiable PowerPoint Infographics template is test marketing PowerPoint Infographics. It is genuinely made for the professionals so that they can enjoy their test marketing presentation making. The best thing about this template is that you can enjoy 2300 additional Infographics slides in this template at the same price. Now, you can make your marketing plans, business plans, proposals, startups, company profiles, annual report and much more using this single test marketing PowerPoint Infographics. So, why not to give it a try to boost up your business presentations? You can enjoy all this in just $14.



9. Strategic marketing plan PowerPoint Infographics:

As the name suggests, strategic marketing plan PowerPoint is used to make the strategic marketing plans, and your project plans strategies. You can make the business strategies to show up in your presentations and make your presentation more competitive. If you want to make your presentation successful about your business marketing strategies, you must not forget to use this template.



10. PowerPoint templates onion diagrams Venn designs:

Who doesn’t know about the Venn diagrams, and now PowerPoint is going to use it in your presentations to improve the conveyed message. It can help you make all your presentation look professionally fantastic and incredible. If you want to impress your audience, then you should not miss any chance to use this template in your presentation.



11. Marketing predictive analysis PPT examples:

It is used for business and marketing both processes. You can enjoy all the analysis features in this Infographics template. These templates include 2300 additional slides that will make your task much easier than your expectation. Your presentation will stand high, and you will surely receive applause from the audience. No need to use many slide templates in your presentation, as you can get all in one package by buying marketing predictive analysis PPT examples. You can get everything that you need for the incredible presentation in this package. What are you waiting for then? Buy marketing predictive analysis PPT examples at $14 and get ahead of your field!



12. Marketing tools presentation visual aids:

Another marketing presentation tool that will help you convey the perfect idea of your marketing process to your audience of presentation is marketing tools presentation visual aids. You can use it to display your marketing tools so that the audience can get to know about your marketing tools.



13. Generating lead sales funnel diagram PowerPoint example:

Generating lead sales is another task of marketing and PowerPoint is now giving you an option to display the whole process, and the progress of generating lead sales through this funnel diagram. You can cover all the aspects of lead generation through this incredible slides template that will help you make your presentation look outstandingly incredible. It is pretty simple to use and available at the same price. Go, get yourself this fantastic tool to make up your presentations impressive!



14. Modern sales funnel for improvement PPT examples:

Improvements are always welcomed in the business. To make up the improvements in the presentation, you can use this funnel diagram of modern sales template that will help you introduce the improvements to your project in your presentation. Modern sakes funnel for improvement PPT examples are also available at the same price. This three-level funnel for improvement slides is available with 2300 additional slides for the same price.



15. Timeline roadmap with milestone PowerPoint slides:

To track the progress of your project or business, Roadmap timeline with milestone PowerPoint slides are the best. You can highlight your business goals and target using this template. It also makes your presentation much attractive through its attractive outlook. If you want to mention the roadmap of your project, you must add it in your presentation!



16. Business circle Infographics 8 periods:

This Infographics template is a circle-shaped pictorial representation of your business. Available with 2300 slides, this template also stands high in the list of the best and modern PowerPoint template Infographics that make your presentations much easier. If you want to make your mark as an influential presenter, then you must add this to your presentation.



17. Pyramid chart for PowerPoint templates:

Pyramids are the best way to represent the ratio of different components in the project or business. When you are creating a presentation, you can use it to show the specific components of your project. This package of pyramid chart for PowerPoint templates contains ten readymade PowerPoint templates that you can use.



18. Flat pyramid PowerPoint Infographics 4 steps template:

Flat pyramid PowerPoint Infographics 4 steps template has four same levels, and colourful steps that you can use to show some stages of your projects or business. You can edit or modify your project data and alter the pyramid according to your need. In this pyramid template, you can have ten pyramid templates that will make your presentation creating easier and effortless than ever before. So, if you want to enjoy 90 themes, 5500+ free icons, and editable size and shape, then you must give it a try once! It will surely grab the crowd for your presentation.



19. Pyramid Infographics PowerPoint diagram:

Again another pyramid graph that will show the ratio of your processes in the project is the Pyramid Infographics PowerPoint diagram. It looks like the original pyramid that has three section and three different colours. You can enter your project information and details along with the logo in this template.



20. Strategy puzzle Infographics template:

It looks like the jigsaw puzzle and adds more attraction to your presentation. It has 11 horse-shaped puzzle pieces to keep your information. You don’t need any efforts to edit it, and so you can make different changes to this puzzle shaped PowerPoint Infographics template according to your project needs. No extra efforts are needed to use strategy puzzle Infographics template, and you can also enjoy 90 colour themes in this PowerPoint template!



21. Realistic fishbone diagram PowerPoint templates:

These templates are used to show some strategic work in the presentation. This template looks like a fishbone and makes your presentation catchy. Use this template in your presentation so that your audience doesn’t get bored while attending your presentation. Fishbone diagram contains three steps with four options in each step to provide many details about your project or business.