Growth Arrow PowerPoint Infographic Template

Growth Arrow PowerPoint Infographic Template

Ascending Arrow Growth Infographic Presentations Template:

Remember where you were and where are you now? Standing in front of an audience, or your company board telling your story about how you took your responsibilities and launched it to the sky, making your team, sections, or your company in one of its best phases.
Do you want to tell that story in your presentation in a way that will take your audience attention and keep it with you.
Then you are in the right place and direction, with this arrow growth Infographic template containing three phases that help you to present the primary titling phases of your ascending, and the arrowhead to present your project title and put it in the right place.
Every Phases in this growth Infographic are made of a wide rectangle divided into three sections.
A place to put a picture or an icon represents this phase, a wide space next to it that is big enough to put description of that phase without making it crowded, and a line that determines the place of the title, making everything organized and eye-freindly.
Four colors are used in this design, Orange the soil color that represents the beginning of your project.
Red for vitality, enthusiasm, and the burst of the middle phases.
Blue as the color of the sky that represents the place you are now and how you are calm but always ready. And Cyan for your project title showing practicality and creativity.
This infographic could be used in business different sections like Sales, PR, HR, and Management. to show ascending and growth of your sales, access, incomes, earnings, etc.
And all of that in a Free well-designed infographic, compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides.
So Click Above and download it now, and don't forget to check other designs on our Website that will always help you. 

Key Features and Additional Information:

- Aspect Ratio (16:9).

- Free fonts and icons.

- Free to use.

- Easy to edit.

- Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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