1_ Eastern Charm Fun Music

This is an upbeat middle eastern track with typical groove elements based on a hip hop beat and playing along with oriental instruments such as the persian oud and zurna. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries and commercials.

2_ Bossa Nova Elevator Music

Very upbeat latin bossa nova written to sound like what is usually classified as “elevator music”, or “Musak”. This track would be perfect in a comedy for an elevator scene, in the background at a restaurant, playing in the background of a characters phone call when they’re on hold, a lot of things. The possibilities are endless. This track comes in 2 versions that you can hear in the preview, both are 0:52 seconds long. One of them is normal sounding, with a full frequency range, and one of them is EQ’ed to make it sound like it is being played out of some really bad speakers (like you would find in an elevator!) This track is fully loopable in both versions.

3_ Energetic Japanese Festival Drums

Booming taikos, sharp shime-daikos, ankle and wrist cymbals, and numerous other Japanese-inspired instruments occur in this highly energetic and occasionally frantic Japanese drum piece (with a slight Western flair, obviously….) I lived in Japan for 3 years, so expect many more tracks that are Japanese / Asia inspired in the

4_ A Nice Hawaiian Lei

It’s the music track for all your tropical paradise needs! Ukulele? Of course. Plus slide guitar, a loose mid-tempo Hawaiian beat, and the sound of the shore. Aloha, mahalo, and book ‘em Dano. If you need more Hawaiian music, here’s Happy Hawaii.

5_ Africa Dance Music

Big African orchestral music with traditional voices and instruments over orchestra. Perfect for African sound over film.

6_ Mariachi Fun Music

Very fun, uplifting, spirited Mariachi track that would be great for all kinds of media projects that need some Mexican/ Latin/ Spanish flavor. The piece features trumpets, acoustic guitar, and percussion. The melody is memorable and happy .

7_ Latin Fun Music

Latin Salsa – is a catchy Mexican salsa track with brass, energetic drums, bongo and other percussion Great for some Latin videos, for salsa and other Mexican Latin dances .

8_ Inspirational Africa

“Inspirational Africa” is a beautiful and positive piece of African music. The song will provide an inspiring and uplifting background to any of your world or ethnic projects. 2 VERSIONS INCLUDED: – Listen to full version at 0:00 – Listen to non-vocal version at 2:36

9_ Istanbul Orient

Orient culture, middle east genre; energetic and dynamic track which includes oud, nylon guitar, electric guitar, bass, ney, qanun, violin, cello and world percussion instruments. Useful for your orient, islamic projects and trailers. If you like it, please rate it.

10_ Uplifting Africa

An inspirational and heart warming African song that is sure to bring your next ethnic project to life. The piece uses a large variety of African instruments, as well as piano and orchestra. This piece will work great for any projects relating to Africa, nature, animals, or eastern cultures .

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